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Safepoint Insurance Company

Safepoint Insurance Company

Welcome into SafePoint Insurance - Reassurance Starts Here.

Safepoint can be a confessed land and casualty insurance company located in Tampa, FL devoted to mountainous parts of the USA. We're a premier provider of motor insurance coverage dedicated to providing superior client care, expedited maintains service and providing policy-holders the reassurance they deserve. Safepoint works together with independent insurance agents to market their services and products. With more than 40 Million in coverage surplus and neighborhood presence, Safepoint gets got the tools to secure your customer's main resources.
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SafePoint Insurance Policies Summary

Safepoint Insurance is made from 2013 to supply Florida property insurance plan clients a new option within a growing market. The business produced a great clientele in 2014 after becoming qualified to assume tens of thousands of policies in Citizens Insurance, a non profit Florida insurer which has been intended to insure clients that cannot procure an insurance policy from the other policy. This presuming of coverages is a portion of a take-out system that's passing policies from Citizens to alternative insurers, and guaranteed parties have been permitted to choose whether to just accept the new firm.

Safepoint relies in Tampa Bay, Florida and covers a bit more than 50,000 homeowners from their nation. They feature just homeowner's insurance coverages at several rates and elongated equipment breakdown coverage which can be included with some homeowner's policy. All the provider's policies are all written through independent representatives, and internet quoting isn't offered. Safepoint Insurance now writes coverages just in Florida.


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